Film_vocab_171 - nondiegetic sound sound represented as...

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FRENCH 171. Spring 2008 shot 1. in shooting, one uninterrupted run of the camera to expose a series of frames. Also called a take. 2. In the finished film, one uninterrupted image with a single (static or mobile) framing. scene a segment in a narrative film that takes place in one time and space (or that uses crosscutting to show two or more simultaneous actions). sequence a term commonly used for moderately large segment of a film, involving one complete stretch of action and consisting of one or more scenes. Comparable to a chapter in a book. diegetic sound any voice, musical passage, or sound effect presented as originating from a source within the film's world.
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Unformatted text preview: nondiegetic sound sound represented as coming from outside the space of the narrative, such as mood music or a narrator's commentary. nonsimultaneous sound diegetic sound that comes either earlier or later than the accompanying image of the source. jump cut an elliptical cut that appears to be an interruption of a single shot. It occurs within a scene rather than between scenes, to condense the shot. iris a round, moving mask that contracts to close down to end an scene (iris-out) or emphasize a detail, or opens to begin a scene (iris-in) or to reveal more space around a detail....
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Film_vocab_171 - nondiegetic sound sound represented as...

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