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Bio 25L Exam 2

Bio 25L Exam 2 - for not mentioning neurons were derived...

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Young Ha Bio 25L TA: Stuart Pierce Section 23 Bio 25L Exam 2: Regrade 1. 2 points were taken off because the grader thought I didn’t mention anything about sea urchins, but I mentioned that “the cell has to be totipotent to include the same amount of animal pole and vegetal pole as the other cells.” Then I explained the difference between the jellyfish cells and sea urchin cells and why jellyfish cells couldn’t be used. 2. B) It seems like 3 points were taken off because I didn’t mention the fact about neurons being derived from ectoderms. I mentioned everything about cells being partially fated, committed, and differentiated. Taking 3 points off out of 8 possible points
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Unformatted text preview: for not mentioning neurons were derived from ectoderms seem a little harsh. 4. When I read the question, I thought that we had to pick one method to kill the annoying roommate – I didn’t read the question carefully and explained how high K + would be the most fatal. I misunderstood and thought that what would happen if there was high K + concentration inside the cell. However, I’ve explained the whole process of resting potential and action potential. Is there anyway I could get some credit, instead of getting 0 out of 12 points for showing my understanding of action potential?...
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