For any category each subcategory is a taxonym for

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Unformatted text preview: rador is a taxonym of dog dog Essentially, creating a taxonomy involves splitting a set into subsets, and repeating the process on the subsets by recursion. recursion. Taxonomy involves finding an appropriate breakdown In the simplest case a taxonomy is represented by a tree. 9 26/05/2011 An example of an infrastructure taxonomy A single document or knowledge element can be associated with multiple nodes within a given taxonomy and/or nodes spanning multiple taxonomies, which exposes it through multiple viewpoints. The taxonomies provide a common vocabulary for describing and organizing critical infrastructure protection knowledge in the KM Portal and across all of the KM tools. Experts Each node in each taxonomy has a list of experts associated with it. Modellers and analysts requiring access to a list of experts who are knowledgeable in a particular topic can find this list quickly in the KM Portal by selecting the appropriate taxonomy node Search All knowledge in the KM Portal is searchable via metadata, including keywords, title, infrastructure subsector, region, description, etc.. Documents in common formats (Word, PowerPoint, PDF, etc.) in the KM Portal can also be searched via their text content. Access Controls Access to knowledge in the KM Portal is controlled at the document or knowledge element level using a group-based need-togroupneed-toknow authorization mechanism. Only users who are members of one of the specified groups associated with a document can have access to that document. 10 26/05/2011 Information management and KM But we still need tools Source: Gartner Research Types and examples of KM tools 11 26/05/2011 Some users of KM (in engineering) KM KM tools in India’s nuclear industry Human Asset Management tool Web based tools Web based application to identify and map intellectual assets within the organization Employee identification through HR database Mapping of Knowledge Management Portal Communities of Practices (COPs) Groups of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) Sharing of the best practices Simulators and CBTs Corporate Human Asset Review & Management System Licensing/ Qualification Management Tool - LIQUIDS E-learning & computer based training packages computer based training packages Operation and Construction ‘Experience sharing’ and ‘Feedback capture’ tools (OCEF) Information accessibility Corporate Human Asset Review and Management System (CHARMS) Task / job allocation and progression for individual, team team and task force Skill profile and area of expertise/ interest Deputation , training , seminars Publications Membership in committees etc. Main Plant Simulator Fuel Handling Training Simulator – Soft Panel Based with on line mimics Comput...
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