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Unformatted text preview: is always used autowhen it comes time to invoice. Track sales leads and opportunities for every promotional campaign. Finally focus your advertising and marketing according to bottom line results whilst providing up to date bottom-line results, whilst providing up to date communication communication to your sales team, prospects, customers, suppliers and business partners with our integrated mail merge functions. ediDocManager A digital document management system that archives your documents and attach them to jobs, client files, creditor invoices and staff files. ediCFSManager (Container Freight Station) Fully integrate your container management with all your systems. Receive LCL (Less than Container Load ) manifests electronically, generate gate passes, and even customs customs notification in some countries. ediLocalCartage you can seamlessly import ediForwarder or ediBroker jobs to handle every aspect of dispatch and delivery. Allocate drivers, trailers and vehicles for every container leg with on-the-road job transmission and truck-to-base on-thetruck-torealreal-time status updates : according to Oracle ediWebTracker This fully integrated web-based logistics management websystem provides your customers and business partners with 24/7 access to shipment status information with the use of an Internet connection and web browser. ediWarehouseManager manage the inventory of dozens of clients across branches and even countries. This single, enterpriseThi sewide database can handle 3PL and 4PL and provides complete inventory management, stocktaking and auditing. 3PL and 4PL are 3rd and 4th party logistics providers (they will arrange our transportation for us but may not actually carry the goods themselves) Cavale & Buechler 2007 Cavale & Buechler 2007 ATP: stock that is “available to promise”. ASN: Advanced Shipping Notice (has been shipped) 3 26/05/2011 Some benefits of a SCM System Customer Visibility to Customer’s Soft Demands Better Collaboration for Order Commits Improved Order Promising Supplier Greater visibility of future supplies Visibility of Supplier’s Capacity Supplier Commit process Vendor Managed Inventory at your site Cavale & Buechler 2007 Cavale & Buechler 2007 ASCP: Advanced Supply Chain Planning. Supply Commit: “reservation” of stock W...
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