Supply commit reservation of stock waterfall analysis

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Unformatted text preview: aterfall analysis: repeated comparisons over time Cavale & Buechler 2007 Cavale & Buechler 2007 Supplier Collaboration Capabilities Publish Forecasts to Suppliers Vendor Managed Inventory Vendor Managed Inventory & Consigned Inventory Overview Based on Published Supplier Forecast Visibility to Inventory Levels Provide Lot Modified Recommendations for replenishment replenishment based on different methods Provide actionable exceptions Receive Supply Commits Visibility to Supplier capacities Cavale & Buechler 2007 Cavale & Buechler 2007 4 26/05/2011 Auto Inventory Replenishment Secured access to plan information for suppliers Trigger replenishments when available inventory falls below minimum levels Restrict by Access Type or by Data Type Send notification to the planner of that item Available inventory equals (on-hand + requisitions + POs + (onASNs + receipts) ASNs receipts) Suggest a replenishment quantity that equals (maximum – available inventory) Supplier and customer monitor inventory levels using the inventory status screen Cavale & Buechler 2007 Cavale & Buechler 2007 VMI Setup: at the supplier site ASL : Approved Suppliers List Cavale & Buechler 2007 Define security rules Cavale & Buechler 2007 Cavale & Buechler 2007 Two parts of screen and changed screen Cavale & Buechler 2007 5 26/05/2011 Supports queries Cavale & Buechler 2007 Cavale & Buechler 2007 In many formats And reports Cavale & Buechler 2007 Cavale & Buechler 2007 In many formats Knowledge Management Cavale & Buechler 2007 6 26/05/2011 Technology changes business For a company to use e-Commerce effectively, it must change the way it does business The same is true for many of the more advanced systems we have seen Data warehousing and business intelligence Supply chain management Customer relationship management If a company is not prepared to change how it DOES things, these systems will give no Return on Investment (ROI) Knowledge Management 1 Comprises a range of strategies and practices used in an organization to identify, create, utilise, distribute, and enable adoption of insights and insights experiences experiences. Insights and experiences comprise knowledge, either embodied in individuals or embedded in ith organizational processes or practices. processes practices KM focuses on the management of...
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