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Unformatted text preview: er Based Training Packages (CBTs) Custom built – being prepared with the involvement of experienced experienced in house personnel Standard/readily available – being acquired from reputed vendors E.g. UoW has a CBT for orientating and training new staff to Uni (e.g. OHS, Roles & Responsibilities) E.g. Unis are using pools of experts in their KM database A Conceptual Architecture for KM KM Strategies Interface Knowledge Management services Knowledge Portal Discovery Services Taxonomy Information & process management Infrastructure Information & Knowledge Sources Knowledge Repository Knowledge Repository E-mail, file servers, Internet / intranet services WP Email Corporate Databases Discovery services Collaboration Services Knowledge map World Wide Web People helps users to retrieve and analyse the information in the Collaboration Services supports knowledge sharing corporate memory Knowledge Repository provides a corporate schema for knowledge classifications provides the information management functions for captured knowledge Cope, UNSW Push strategy – individuals explicitly encode knowledge into a repository/DB Pull strategy – individual makes knowledge requests to experts on ad-hoc basis Rewards (as a means of motivating for knowledge sharing) Cross-project learning After action reviews; Lessons learned Knowledge mapping (a map of knowledge repositories within a company accessible by all) & repositories Communities of practice Expert directories (to enable knowledge seeker to reach to the experts) best practice transfer 12 26/05/2011 KM Strategies 2 competence management (systematic evaluation and planning of competences of individual organization members) master-apprentice relationship collaborative technologies (groupware, etc.) knowledge brokers (some organizational members take on responsibility for a specific "field" and act as first reference on whom to talk about a specific subject) Inter-organisational & Global systems SCM is an inter-organisational system – shared by more than one company Other systems, like the Sabre and Amadeus booking systems are shared by many providers They are known as Global Distribution Systems are known as Global Distribution Systems Inter-organisational & GDS A Sabre airline booking screen A Sabre hotel booking screen Amadeus hotel booking: got to be on Page 1 13 26/05/2011 Market Vision – BI for Hotel industry I Market Vision – BI for Hotel industry II The business imperative and IT Digital Asset Management Wireless Applications Selling – that’s what it’s all about 14 26/05/2011 External information – part of the deal SEM with Pinstorm and eMarketingeye Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) - The process of im...
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