Ch. 17 - Ch 17 Eliminating Tobacco Use About 46 million...

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Ch. 17 Eliminating Tobacco Use About 46 million Americans aged 18 & up are tobacco smokers. About 10 million people in the U.S. have diseases caused or made worse by smoking. Worldwide about 5 million people die from smoking each year. Tobacco use is the single most preventable cause of death in the U.S. A.Tobacco Use in the United States There are at least 24 million American men & 22 million American women that smoke cigarettes. There are about 1/3 American college students who use tobacco occasionally. 12% of student smokers smoke one or more packs of cigarettes a day. Out of the adults who smoke daily, 3/4ths had started by age 18. B. What is Tobacco? Indians seem to be the first people to use tobacco which spread quickly to Europe. The consumption of tobacco involves harvesting tobacco leaves, curing them, shredding them, nicotine - addicting chemical in tobacco that produces rapid pulse, increased alertness, & a variety of other physiological effects There are many chemicals found in cigarette smoke such as acetone, carbon monoxide, tar - yellowish brown residue of tobacco smoke C. Physiological Effects of Tobacco The most common effects are increased heart rate, release of adrenaline, & a direct stimulatory effect on the brain. Carbon monoxide & nicotine are believed to contribute to the development of heart & blood vessel disease. The radioactive substances in the tobacco can become trapped in tiny air sacs in the lungs & induce cancerous changes in the lung tissue. D. Smokeless Tobacco chewing tobacco - form of shredded smokeless tobacco which is chewed or placed in the mouth between the lower snuff - form of smokeless tobacco made from powdered or finely cut leaves moist snuff - form of snuff made from air & fire cured tobacco leaves, & is the most
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Ch. 17 - Ch 17 Eliminating Tobacco Use About 46 million...

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