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AAHH FINAL EXAM REVIEW TERMINOLOGY Ambulatory : radiating area around the perimeter of the structure, for circulation, mosaics on ceiling, a covered walkway, a passageway around the apse or the central sanctuary supported by columns. -Santa Costanza Apse : a recess, usually semicircular at the end of a basilica or the east of a church Apse mosaic : a recess, usually semicircular at the end of a basilica or the east of a church made of mosaic. -Pantokrater, Theotokos and Child, angels, and saints , cathedral at Monreale, Italy Aqueduct : A channel built to carry water to towns and cities; supported by a series of arches. -The Roman aqueduct of Merída, Spain Arcade : a series of arches supported by piers or columns, colonnade -Christian Basilica Atrium : the court, large central reception area, near the entrance and partly opened to the sky. -Roman House Ball court : site of a ritualized ball game in Mesoamerica. Battered sides like bleachers, ceremonial, losers are executed. -Zapotec culture, every city had a ball court Basilica : In Roman architecture a place for legal and other civil proceedings, In Christian architecture a place for congregation like a church but with the form of a Roman Basilica, usually entered from one end and with an apse at the other. Rectangular nave, two semicircular apses connected at its end. Timber frame roofs. -Old St. Peters: gable roof, nave, clerestory, triumphal arch, apse Buttress : exterior masonry structure that opposes the lateral thrust of an arch or a vault. Carpet page : in early medieval, decorative pages resembling textiles. -Saint Matthew
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Catacombs : Christian burials- submersive to protect form roman patrol, subterranean networks of rock-cut galleries and chambers designed as cemeteries for the burial of the death. Cella : the chamber at the center of an ancient temple; in a classical temple, the room in which the cult statue usually stood. -Greek Temples Clerestory : the window’s of Roman basilicas/churches that form the nave’s uppermost level below the timber ceiling or the vaults. Coffer : a sunken panel, often ornamental, in a vaults or a ceiling. -Pantheon, Rome Encaustic : a painting technique in which pigment is mixed with wax and applied to the surface while hot. Roman desire of portrait painting but with Egyptian style. -Mummy portrait of a man Equestrian statue : image of powerful figure riding on a horse with his hand up high, ho weapons, and conquers with intellect, all powerful rulers. -Marcus Aurelius Forum : the public square of an ancient Roman city. -The Forum of Trajan
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