Speech 2- Nuclear Power

Speech 2- Nuclear Power - CAS 100A Policy Speech Good...

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CAS 100A Policy Speech Good Morning . As you may remember, in my first speech, I outlined the benefits of nuclear power, some disasters that have occurred in the past, and briefly touched on why I think nuclear power can be something that can be a viable source of energy in the future . Today, I would like to inform you all about the United States’ current nuclear policy, and why I believe it should be changed . I’d like to take this opportunity to show you all a chart that I find troubling . (show picture)(Nuclear Energy Generation, 1). As you can see by this chart, the United States is near the bottom when it comes to percent of energy generated by nuclear power, with about 20% . The Energy Information Administration, which contains, as stated on their website: “the official energy statistics from the US Government” says about nuclear power: “Nuclear power’s future share in electricity generation will decline if there are no new orders (for nuclear reactors) . The nuclear power industry presently has no commitments to build new reactors .” (Murphy, 1) . This stems from the general public and policymakers’ consistent negative view on nuclear power. I believe this is something that needs to be changed as soon as possible . An expansion of the United States’ nuclear power system is something that carries a huge amounts of benefits, many of which I outlined for you in my last speech, but will also touch upon in this speech . So why is it that the United States is not expanding this method of powering our
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Speech 2- Nuclear Power - CAS 100A Policy Speech Good...

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