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Speech- Nuclear power - Speech#1 CAS 100A Good Morning My...

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- Speech #1 CAS 100A Good Morning. My name is ___ and today I’d like to inform you all about the basics and benefits of nuclear power. Let me start off by asking you all a question. How many of you would like to look out your back window and see this? (show picture)… I didn’t think so. I would have to believe that, besides the fact that it is an eyesore, many of you have incorrect negative perceptions when it comes to the use of nuclear power that has biased your belief about it. This topic is something that I am well educated about, have done very much research about, and am very passionate about, because I believe it is something that can help our country in the future. I believe, and would like you all to believe, that nuclear power is a safe alternative energy source with relatively few drawbacks. In this speech, along with informing you how nuclear power works, I will assess the happenings at two of the major nuclear “disasters” in the past half century: Three Mile Island in Harrisburg, PA, and Chernobyl in Russia. Also, in this speech, I would like to point out to you, and correct, the many myths that follow nuclear power as a result of these two accidents. I will also assess the future of nuclear power, and inform you how it can solve many problems plaguing our nation today. So first off, how exactly does nuclear power work? (Bring up picture)(Nuclear Power 101, 1) On the most basic level as you can see, when a neutron strikes a refined uranium-235 atom, the atom splits into 2 lighter nuclei. The term “refined” refers to uranium that has been enriched, that is, purified, because only uranium-235 can be used in nuclear reactors, and the majority of uranium present on the earth is present in the form of uranium-238 (Nuclear Power 101, 1). These nuclei then create a controlled chain reaction which repeats the same process. While this is going on, an extreme amount of heat is being given off. This heat is used to boil water, and the steam produced drives turbines and generators, in which the steam is converted to energy (Nuclear Power 101, 1). Now that I have explained the basics of how nuclear power works, I would like to
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Speech- Nuclear power - Speech#1 CAS 100A Good Morning My...

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