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The Discovery of Minoan and Mycenaean Civilization I. Discovery of New Civilizations A. Homer and Schliemann B. Minoan Civilization C. Mycenaean Civilization II. Time of Turmoil Homer – wrote years after Trojan war, have to look at his writings as a researcher Iliad - homer’s explanation of Trojan war Heinrich Schliemann- found Mycenae 1876-wanted to prove Homer epic were true Troy Mycenae -fortress discovered by Schliemann-only one of the 6 kingdoms on Greek mainland Sir Arthur Evans -Brit arch who found the remains of the palaces and survivals of bronze age-Crete in 1899- called it Minoan Knossos - most important castle in Crete found by Evans Mycenaean- term given by Schliemann for whole Greek mainland, clearly attacted a lot, gold cities with walls, buried dead with weapons, complex trade, notunited, no temples no evidence of rel belief, slaves Minoan - Crete wine and olive oil- Minoans started producing and made complex trade, got WEATHLY Crete- had lavish decorations, no evidence of war or walls Linear A -1 st language, still not deciphered, not sure if Semitic of Indo-European, hieroglyphics script 1700 Linear B –sort of taken from linear a, starts getting discovered out of Crete indo-eurpean, first form of modern day greek Carl Blegen – arch who found Pylos(strong fortress ) in Troy where bunch of Linear B tablets where found Michael Ventris – young eng that used code breaking to read Linear B ti-ri-po-de- tri=pod, ventris grid- clue to figure it all out Dorians – homer’s so called ‘conquers’, no evidence of the war at the abupt end *~weird because everything abruptly ended to complex cities but no signs of war *it might be weather, natural disasters, conquers maybe ?dorians? internal war 1200-1000 BC –time of turmoil-trading ends, all cities collapse, lots of mass migration
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Archaic Greece I. Dark Ages, 1000-750 BC II. Archaic Age, 750-550 BC Delphi- Oracle at Delphi temple of Apollo was here, did not see rel sancuations before this in this area, people would come in and worship Apollo
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hist+outline+test+2 - The Discovery of Minoan and Mycenaean...

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