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Thesis LIS 1001 - M ike Costello L IS 1001 Assignment 11 1...

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Unformatted text preview: M ike Costello L IS 1001 February 26, 2008 Assignment 11 1) The government should not relax the limi ts for t ruckers' driving hours. Driving with severe sleep deprivation is comparable to that of driving drunk. 2) The draft for military service should be reinstated. We should only be required to fight in a war if i t is just and the American people who are defending the count ry agree with the logic of the American government. 3) Voters should not be required to produce photo identification in order to vote. The cost of receiving a government issued ID and the documents associated with getting and ID are equivalent to a poll tax. 4) To encourage tourism, large banks and chain stores should be limi ted in New York City. If mass retail stores come into the city and replace smaller self-run stores, the unique culture of New York City will be watered down to nothing but a large shopping mall. 5) There should be fewer manned space missions. The current financial situation does not warrant $100 billion space expeditions. There is too much national debt and congress has done li t tle about i t. ...
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