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Chem - 3 Sept - Vocab list(blank)

Chem - 3 Sept - Vocab list(blank) - Atom Atomic hypothesis...

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Vocab: Intro – Section C Term: Definition: Chemistry Macroscopic level Microscopic level Data Samples Law Hypotheses Experiment Theory Qualitative Quantitative Model Organic chemistry Inorganic chemistry Physical chemistry Biochemistry Analytical chemistry Theoretical chemistry Computational chemistry Chemical engineering Medicinal chemistry Biological chemistry Molecular biology Materials science Nanotechnology Sustainable development Green chemistry Substance Matter Solid Liquid Gas Physical property Chemical property Unit Systéme International Derived units Volume Density Conversion factor Intensive property Extensive property
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Significant figures Systematic error Random error Force Velocity Acceleration Energy Work Kinetic energy Potential energy Electromagnetic field Total energy Thermal motion
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Unformatted text preview: Atom Atomic hypothesis 1. Element Nucleus Electrons Protons Atomic number Mass spectrometer Neutrons Nucleons Mass number Isotopes Groups Main group Periods Transition metals Inner transition metals Lanthanoids Actinoids Alkali metals Alkaline earth metals Noble gases Halogens Metal:-Nonmetal:-Metalloid-Analysis Synthesis Compound Binary compound Organic compounds Inorganic compounds Molecule Ion Cation Anion Ionic compound Molecular compound Chemical formula Structural formula Diatomic molecules Line structure Space-filling model Ball-and-stick model Tube structure Density isosurface Electrostatic potential surface Monatomic ions Diatomic Polyatomic Binary ionic compound...
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Chem - 3 Sept - Vocab list(blank) - Atom Atomic hypothesis...

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