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Doc5 - Chemistry 1020 Module ”A Name I Classification of...

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Unformatted text preview: Chemistry 1020, Module ”A Name I Classification of Solutions; Classification of Common Salutes (continued) Zn) In the following beakers, represent solutions of the indicated solute in water and then choose the term which correctly describes each Diagram of solution S: HF Composition of solution: 10 HF + t 311: 6.110% dismounted) solute: nonelectrolyte weak electrolytes/ strong electrolyte (5;ch weak acid) Composition of solution: .6 w 6 Br- (ll.€- [00%41350Cjaltd) solute: nonelecu'olyte weak electrolyte str0n_ e ectro to (since $470149 (IO/CI) B. KOH Composition of solution: §K+ 5" OH“ (100% Jamaica!) solute: nonclcctrolyte e. A - :01 to t , strong electrolyte since Show base) Xavier University of Louisiana 5 ...
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