Cabinet judicial interprets the laws courts supreme

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Unformatted text preview: tive = make laws- Congress and Senate executive = enforce the laws- President and cabinet judicial= interprets the laws- Courts (Supreme, Federal, etc) Philadelphia& Where Constitutional Convention was held Number&of&states&at&Constitutional&Convention& 12 Age,&citizenship,&and&residency&requirements&for&all&3&branches& House of Rep = 25 yrs old, 7 yrs citizenship, residency- live in state you represent- term 2yrs for as long as possible Senate = 30 yrs old, 9 yrs citizenship, residency- live in state you represent- 6yrs as many times as elected President = 35 yrs, live in US for 14 yrs, natural born, term 4 yrs- 2 term limit Supreme Court = no requirements - appointed and there until they die or retire Length&of&term&for&all&three&branches& Who&has&the&power&of&impeachment&and&who&conducts&the&trial&of&an&impeached&official?& House impeaches Senate conducts the trial if found guilty then you can be removed from office Number&of&members&of&both&houses&and&the&Supreme&Court& house = 435 senate = 100 supreme court = 9 President&of&the&Senate&and&President&Pro&Tempore& Vice President; person who serves when the VP cannot attend the Senate meetings Electoral&College& elects the President- need 270 to win Presidency- each state has assigned number Where&tax&bills&originate& the House Date&of&Inauguration&& January 20th State&of&the&Union& speech by the President about the countries progress and where he wants to go... Checks&and&Balances& how the power is balanced between the branches of government ****SEE EBACKPACK****** Marine&One& President's helicopter What&Articles&4,&5,&6,&and&7&cover& relations among states; provisions of amendments; national debt- supremacy of federal government; ratification Date&of&signing&of&the&Constitution& 1787 goes into effect in 1789 & & &...
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