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chapter11slaveryandtheoldsouth180071860 pages296319

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Unformatted text preview: nt to Congress about slavery get "tabled" they don't talk about it- Gag rule means it is something about not being able to talk aboutin reference to slavery William"Henry"Harrison"(287)" 9th President- He was a politician from Ohio, war of 1812 Hero, Untrained by the Bank of US John Tyler was his running mate; served only 1 month of Presidency- his campaign slogan was "Tippy-canoe and Tyler too!" Chapter(11(Slavery(and(the(Old(South(180071860( Pages"296+319" Give&a&233&sentence&description&of&each&term&or&idea.& & • Border"States" The states that fall between the border of the slave states and free states…these states do not secede from the union during the civil war- states such as Missouri, Kentucky, Virginia 3" " • Cotton"gin" invented by Eli Whittney- increases the need for slavery- easily separates the seed from the cotton fibers • King"Cotton" Phrase used by southerners and politicians prior to the Civil War to show the importance of cotton in the economy and powerful crop that runs the country • Underground"Railroad" a network of homes fugitive slaves use for hiding and escape to the North- Canada Chapter(12(Market(Revolution(and(Social(Reform( Pages"322+354" Please&use&the&information&from&the&chapter&as&well&as&presentations&of&your& classmates&to&fill&in&the&following:& Abolition"(American"Colonization"Society,"William"Lloyd"Garrison)" Abolitionism is the formal or informal use of a word to end slavery; William Lloyd Garrison from MA wrote the paper the Liberator; founded the New England Anti-Slavery Society; founded the Liberator in 1831 which played a key role in the American Anti-Slavery Society- abolitionist society which 1833 to 1870 about 250,000 members of the society- a key leader was an escaped slave name Frederick Douglass Cult"of"domesticity" a prevailing value system among the upper and middle classes during the nineteenth century in the US...
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