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Unformatted text preview: ith nature; Brook Farm a society discovered by George Ripley for transcendentalist, 1830-1840 started; idea of he simplicity of life, getting one back to nature and rising above the evils of the world Transportation"Revolution" Urbanization" Utopian"Societies"(Shakers,"New"Harmony)" Shakers- followed Mother Ann Lee- preached common living- believed God always helped them with everything- they are celibate; Omeida Community established in NY in 1848 by John Humphrey Noyes- believed plural marriages, community nurses; New Harmony- sot ideas of Robert Owen- by controlling environment control character of that environment; Brook Farms established in 1814 in Boston Mass- transcendentalist society community provided all members with everything Women’s"Rights"Movement"(Lucretia"Mott,"Elizabeth"Cady"Stanton,""Seneca" Falls)" Women were not allowed to vote, purchase land, advance education, hold certain jobs, or control wages after marriage; in 1840 the anti-slavery women demanded an equal voice - William Llyod Garrison helped Abbey; Seneca Falls in 1848 ( Elizabeth Cady Stanton made first national convention devoted to women's right more than 200 people attended and signed the" Declaration of Sentiments which demanded equal rights for women- First National Women's Rights Convention held in NY, MA, and Ohio - Mormons- The Church of Jesus Christ of Latt...
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