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Human Evolution Notes

Human Evolution Notes - Exam 4 Tuesday December 12 Time...

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Exam 4 Tuesday December 12 Time : 1:00pm Chapters: 17-20 and 29-32 40 multiple choice questions 5 bonus Help Session Sunday, Dec 10 Time: 3:30 Hominid Evolution (7 MYA) Characteristic Bipedal – we walk up right on two feet, so we are different than other hominoids. Omnivorous – We eat both plant and animal material, based on our dental work. Brain Expansion – Our brain is much larger. Grapefruit Brain. Around & million yrs ago Sahelanthroups markes our transition to apes of our kind. 1 million years age Australopiths 4-1 MYA in Africa These are our human like ancestors! Hi cousin! Marcus Africanus. “Lucy” – My sisters ancestor. Homo Evolution Homa habilis Homo rudolfensis Crude tools Rudimentary Speech Hunter/Gatherers Homo ergaster (AFRICA) Migration – Moved out of Africa over 1 MYA and into Europe and Asia Asia - Homo heidelbergensis Europe - Homo erectus Fire Tools Systematic Hunters Basic Social Interactions Monogamy=Love Archaic Humans Neanderthals – came from ergastus 200,000 – 28,000 YA Europe and Asia is where their fossils have been found.
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