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Unformatted text preview: they were known at that time, were originally an overshoe that was slipped on over a more dainty shoe to protect it from mud. This soon became a fashion statement in itself and led to women wearing ridiculously high platforms – sometimes up to 30 inches! The impracticality of the shoes was obviously not considered as important as the elevation it gave the individual. It certainly gives a new meaning to the phrase ‘The height of fashion!’ For the Photocopiable © Oxford University Press Which fashion item… 1 was originally intended to be practical? A / B 2 reflects a sense of determination? A/B 3 is an indication of changing attitudes? A/B 4 has become appropriate for both genders? A/B 5 made people more noticeable? Mark A/B /10 Writing 8 Your school magazine is running a competition. Write an article called ‘The first party I ever went to’. Use the writing guide to help you. Write 200–250 words. Paragraph 1: Give information about the party – where, when, whose? Paragraph 2: Say what happened, what it was like, how you felt. Paragraph 3: Write about your strongest memories of the party. Paragraph 4: Say how you feel about it now. Mark Total /10 /60 Solutions Advanced Tests 3...
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