I dont really mind but although i c would be quite

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Unformatted text preview: really mind, but although I (c) would be quite good at maths in the past, I’m not so good now. a C/I Mark 2 5 I found a horrible old photograph of myself! I (tear). b C/I 6 We’re all going to the concert tonight and I’m (look). really Mark /6 Vocabulary 3 Choose the correct answers. 1 I was quite _______ when I first went to drama school. Everyone else seemed so much more talented than I was. A overconfident B overworked C overawed 2 After the operation you’ll feel a little _______ for a while, but this will disappear quite soon. A disorientated B distraught C discouraged 3 When I applied for university I was _______ by the range of courses. A preoccupied c C/I B unnerved C bewildered 4 After the accident Katy became quite _______ and seemed less confident. /9 Co...
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