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They were back again in the nineties and the

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Unformatted text preview: e nineties and the noughties and it seems platforms have proven that they are probably here to stay in some shape or form! Read the text and answer the questions. How late are the latest fashions? A The shoulder pad If asked when the shoulder pad made its first appearance on the fashion scene, undoubtedly most of us would say the eighties, but we would be a long way out! Shoulder pads have been popular at various times throughout history and often for quite different reasons. In the Europe of the 1500s, when Spain was asserting its dominance as a global power as well as being a centre of fashion, the shoulder pad became extremely fashionable. At this point it was seen as a reflection of cultural austerity, giving a look of solemnity to the wearer, although this austerity did not stretch to the sumptuous materials used in the clothes! World War Two saw the return...
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