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Instructional Adaptation Chart - ADHD

Instructional Adaptation Chart - ADHD - a Speak clearly and...

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Names: Instructional Adaptation/Accommodation Chart Identifying Characteristics of Attention Difficulties (ADHD): Inattentive type: May not stay focused on school work, pay close attention to details, or follow through on instructions or finish assignments. May get distracted easily and be unable to organize tasks and activities. May frequently lose things. Hyperactive-impulsive type: Frequently fidgets and squirms, gets out of seat or moves around the room. Has trouble working quietly, talks too much and blurts out answers before questions have been completed. May have trouble waiting their turn and frequently interrupts others. Combines type: Displays characteristics of both of the above types. CURRICULUM INSTRUCTIONAL APPROACHES RANGE OF ACCOMMODATIONS/ MODIFICATIONS ASSISTIVE TECHNOLOGY (High & Low Tech.) Lecture: a Show images of instruments and characters while discussing them
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Unformatted text preview: a Speak clearly and use simple language a Avoid unnecessary details a Allow students to discuss what they remember about the story or instruments a End of class rewards if everyone stays on task a Provide frequent questions a Class rewards a Posters Reading a Explain each assignment separately rather than explaining both simultaneously a Allow students to spread out in the classroom or work with a partner a Allow students to work on the floor if they choose a CD Player Written Work a Grade on completion rather than accuracy because the purpose is to have them listening to the music a Allow students to go beyond the directions (if they chose to write emotions the music makes them feel, or make up their own story) a Allow alternate forms of expression a Allow students to share what they have done at the end of class a Coloring materials...
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