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Instructional Adaptation Chart - LD

Instructional Adaptation Chart - LD - details a Allow...

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Names: Instructional Adaptation/Accommodation Chart Identifying Characteristics of Learning Disabilities: Average to above average intellectual ability but function below average academically (significant discrepancy between ability and achievement). May exhibit a wide range of characteristics, behaviors, and learning difficulties including difficulties with reading, written language, math memory, attention, organizational skills, following directions (verbal and written) auditory and/or visual perception and information processing, fine and/or gross motor skills, socio-emotional and behavioral difficulties. May lack or use inefficient learning strategies and study skills. CURRICULUM INSTRUCTIONAL APPROACHES RANGE OF ACCOMMODATIONS/ MODIFICATIONS ASSISTIVE TECHNOLOGY (High & Low Tech.) Lecture: a Show images of instruments and characters while discussing them a Speak clearly and use simple language a Avoid unnecessary
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Unformatted text preview: details a Allow students to discuss what they remember about the story or instruments a Provide review notes with descriptions of instruments to hand out before class a Prepare recordings before class a Use pictures whenever possible a Posters (with instrument pics) a Recordings Reading a Explain each assignment separately rather than explaining both simultaneously a Allow Q&A and prepare addition recordings with single instrument examples a Allow students to work with a partner a Provide earplugs for listening a CD Player a Ear plugs Written Work a Grade on completion rather than accuracy because the purpose is to have them listening to the music a Allow students to go beyond the directions (if they chose to write emotions the music makes them feel, or make up their own story) a Allow alternate forms of expression a Markers, crayons, and other coloring materials...
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