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TLSE 457 M 6:00-8:40 Cullen Instructional Adaptation/Accommodation project Name of group members: Name of Lesson/Unit: Peter and the Wolf (3 rd grade lesson plan) IL State Learning Standard : 26.A.1C, 26.A.2C Lesson Content: In previous lessons students have learned about the various families of instruments in the symphony orchestra and what instruments are included in those families. In this there will be a brief review of Sergei Prokofiev’s Peter and the Wolf , which the students have already listened to. We will go over what instruments are used in the story and what characters are represented in the story. The students will then have to fill out a worksheet while they listen to Peter and the Wolf again which matches each instrument to its character in the story. After they finish this they can color a picture on the back of the worksheet of Peter and the Wolf. This activity is designed to get them to hear different instruments and the sounds they produce. Goal:
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