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philosophy paper on the matrix - Christina Nassir PHI 101...

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Christina Nassir PHI 101 Matrix Paper Assignment It is obvious that the writers of The Matrix, the Wachowski brothers had every intention to put strong traces of philosophy and theology when they began writing the script for the film. Beginning with the naming of the characters, Thomas Anderson, Thomas may be directly related to the Gnostic gospels of Thomas in the Bible. Andros is the Greek word for man, so Anderson is a reference to the Son of man directly linking him to symbolize Jesus Christ. His alias Neo also has meaning, Neo being an anagram for “one”. Neo also means new in Greek. Both names symbolize that Neo is the savior or messiah. He is saving all human life, just as Jesus did. Morpheus in Greek and roman mythology was the god of dreams. In the Bible, Nebuchadnezzar was a king who searched for the meaning of his dreams. In The Matrix, Morpheus is the captain of the ship named Nebuchadnezzar. Trinity signifies the holy trinity which could possibly allude to Morpheus being the father, Neo as the son, and Trinity as the Holy Spirit. Cypher in Latin means empty or having no value which explains his nature as he betrays everyone in order to get what he wants. In the beginning of the movie, Morpheus attempts to guide Neo out of his office building via cell phone to escape from the agents who are after Neo. There is a sense that Morpheus is all knowing because he knows every move for Neo to make at each precise
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philosophy paper on the matrix - Christina Nassir PHI 101...

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