History of England Test 2

History of England Test 2 - History of England Test 2 1....

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History of England Test 2 1. William Pitt the younger- school pie ministry is what his government was referred to because he was so young. He was 29 when he took over to be prime minister. He didn’t have many votes in parliament but George III was on his side. George III bribed and threatened everyone who got in the way of Pitt. Tries to put his government together but gets shot down in the house of commons, but he refuses to leave so people begin to like him. He became a very popular political leader. He formed the three coalitions and they all failed. 2. Charles James Fox- Was well known for corruption, he has the support of the whigs. George III hates him. 3. Sinking Fund- established in 1786 drafted by William Pitt the younger. 4. The French Revolution- War between France and Britain from 1793 to October 1815 5. 1 st Coalition- (1793-1797) Russia Austria Prussia and Britain, the allies abandoned the coalition, and Britain mismanaged. 6. 2 nd Coalition- (1799-1801) Austria, Russia, and Great Britain. Prussia was selfish and neutral. Austria and Russia Quarreled and divided forces. 7. 3 rd Coalition-(1805) formed of Austria and Russia, Napoleon destroyed the Russian and Austrian armies in the battle of Austerlitz. 8. Admiral Horatio Nelson- Britain’s Greatest admiral that destroyed the heart of the French Fleet at Trafalgar, it cost him his life.
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History of England Test 2 - History of England Test 2 1....

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