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what this imagination is.... - The imagination is a part of...

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The imagination is a part of your brain which envisions certain ideas. It can “imagine” good ideas, take Walt Disney’s imagination for example, as opposed to a psychopath’s imagination. Walt Disney’s imagination gave birth to household names; Mickey Mouse, Pinnocchio, Fantasia, Dumbo, and Bambi to name a few. While the sociopath’s imagination put him in a crazed asylum for 40 years and potentially jail. The differences are endless. Even Einstein knew how important the imagination when he said, “The imagination is more important than knowledge. Imagination encircles the world.” Imaginations can arouse new techniques, theories and inventions. Imaginations have no boundaries; there are no consequences because your imagination can push every horizon. Your imagination seems to work in the box as well as out of the box, constantly. Some crazed people talk to people who don’t exist as if they are actually there beside them. The imagination has the ability to create situations or people that do not truly exist in reality. One’s imagination also has the ability to constantly develop to form ideas such as to kill
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