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To why persuade inform explain sell promote parody

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Unformatted text preview: , sell, promote, parody, other?) Is it a personal, commercial, Is government or organization site? http://essayacademia.com/ The Most Important Thing: Is it The Credible? (Usability) Credible? Is the site easy to navigate Is (user-friendly)? Is there a table of contents? Is Do all the design elements Do (graphics, art, buttons, etc.) enhance the message of the site? Are there any errors in spelling Are or grammar? http://essayacademia.com/ Organizing What You’ve Organizing Found Into Your Outline Found If it’s credible, then read the If article and see if you learned something you didn’t already know. know. Write those things down in your Write outline under the topic you’re researching! researching! http://essayacademia.c...
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