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Christina Nassir WRT 120- 17 On November 14, 2006 model Ana Carolina Reston died from complications due to anorexia. She was only 21 and the second model within two weeks to die from this eating disorder. From the catwalks of Milan to the red carpets of Hollywood you see women in extravagant evening couture. But what else do you see? You see women who are thin and scrawny, women who look like they haven’t seen or eaten food in months. The culture we live in today is constantly promoting images of models and actresses who are emaciated. The media’s overall emphasis is on our looks. Thin is beautiful. But the concerning and underlying problem isn’t what these women are doing to themselves; it’s what they’re portraying to the millions of girls and women across the world. These actresses and models are supposed to be role models for girls and women of all ages, but all their promoting is bad body image, and horrible self esteem issues. Thirty years ago the average model was 8% thinner then the average woman. Today, the average model is 23% thinner than the average woman. It’s making these girls and women conscious about their figures, even hating their bodies when in fact they are healthy and beautiful women. Beauty icon of the 40’s and 50’s, Marilyn Monroe was a size 14, she was a full bodied and beautiful woman, but by today’s standards she would have been told to shed more then a few pounds. Beginning at an early age, children are taught by society and our culture that looks are important if we want to live happy lives. Children today are also watching more television, and are getting bombarded with this message constantly. The fact that children are now watching more television and are spending more time on computers only
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worsens the matter because they’re getting less physical fitness. The media is persistently portraying thin women as happier, successful, and powerful people. The culture we live in today equates success and popularity with beauty and being thin. What children do not realize is that most of these models and actresses are not naturally composed, whether its
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self image paper - Christina Nassir WRT 120 17 On model Ana...

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