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Name:Per #: Crash Course European History: Viewing Guide Episode 18: The Enlightenment Terms to know from this episode: Montesquieu Voltaire Jean-Jacques Rousseau Enlightenment SalonPhilosopheDenis DiderotEncyclopedia David Hume Diests Olaudah Equiano Adam Smith Immanuel Kant Moses Mendelssohn 1.If you didn’t know anything about the science behind it, how might you explain an Earthquake? 2.Some thought the earthquake in(1755) was punishment for the world’s sins, while others looked for answers using reason and science. 3.Name two new luxury commodities that to experimentation. 4.Travellers towere impressed with how less quarrelsome people seemed compared to Europeans 5.InThe Persian Letters,about how shocked and amused Uzbeck travellers are about Europe. 6.InCandide,made fun of rulers and their corruption, valuing honesty and simple lives. 7.InEmile,encouraged a natural education, focusing on carpentry, gardening and practical skills.Women were encouraged to stick to
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