Music Exam 2 Review

Music Exam 2 Review - Music Exam 2 Review I Important...

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Music Exam 2 Review I. Important People 1. Claudio Monteverdi -early baroque period -created “earliest operatic masterpiece” Orfeo in 1607 -served the family court of Mantua for 21 years -music director at St. Marks in Venice -music considered revolutionary at the time because it had a lot of dissonance to convey expressiveness -All music is written for voices\ - Orpheus’ Recitative Tu se morta( You are dead) uses word painting, homophonic 2. Henry Purcell -middle Baroque - English composer -Composer for the King of England’s court - then appointed organist for Westminster Abbey -similar to Monteverdi in that he used dissonance - best known piece is the opera 1689’s Dido and Aeneas 3. Johann Sebastian Bach -1685-1750 -life coincides with the late Baroque period -developed rules for writing harmony in music -he was the pinnacle of late Baroque music in terms of creativity -devout Lutheran and wrote sacred music for the church -organist and composer -did not write operas which was unusual for the time period -wrote music that was inspired by dance -wrote suites -wrote 200-300 cantatas in lifetime 4. Antonio Vivaldi -late Italian Baroque -known as the “red priest” because of church background and red hair -violin teacher, composer, and conductor at music school of Pieta -famous as a virtuoso violinist and composer -Bach arranged some of his concerto - forgotten after death until baroque revival in 1950’s -best known for 450 plus concerti grossi and solo concertos -fast movements- tuneful themes and vigorous rythms -slow movements- impassioned lyrical melodies 5. George Frideric Handel -director of Royal Academy of Music, a commercial opera company - created own opera company after royal academy folded - known as an impresario, performer, and composer
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Music Exam 2 Review - Music Exam 2 Review I Important...

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