EC Exam 2 - Humans have been constructing buildings and...

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Humans have been constructing buildings and roads and fashioning tools and other artifacts for thousands of years. Civil engineering has established itself as the oldest of the engineering disciplines. However, engineering for industry, producing a product with the ultimate goal being to turn a profit, is relatively new. There are still bugs to be worked out as far as streamlining the design process goes. In 1872 the railroad industry was rapidly expanding. It was nearly three years since the last spike had been driven in the transcontinental railroad. It was well known that there was a lot of money to be made in the industry; if not by owning a railroad, then by building the trains themselves. What is now known as the American Vehicle Engineering Company was founded by a wealthy inventor to manufacture parts for nearby steam engine manufacturers as well as to develop his own designs, which were not necessarily limited to the railroad industry. Before mechanical engineering was a field of academic study, experienced machinists who learned their trade through apprenticeship were hired to develop the founders inventions and were encouraged to do so with their own ideas (after approval of course). When orders placed by the manufacturers continued to grow, these machinists were not able to keep up with both producing parts and developing ideas. For this reason the founder hired promising inventors to pick up the slack on the development side of his business. The business was then officially divided into its respective development and manufacturing divisions. The machinists were all pushed over to manufacturing, a move which many of them resented. This created a rift between the two divisions. They worked nearly independently of each other unless the design department required a prototype to me made. Often when these
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designs were completed it was as if the design department “threw it over a wall” (Downey) and essentially told the manufacturing department to figure out how to effectively produce it on their own. This worked well fairly well for a long time. During this period the company was organized as this: Since the company was
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EC Exam 2 - Humans have been constructing buildings and...

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