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1 Physics 2211 Monday March 24 th Energy Diagrams (10.7) PE=mgh Total Energy=Kinetic Energy + Potential Energy, Energy is conserved On energy diagrams, (graphs) particles have unstable equilibrium points at local maximums and  stable equilibrium points at local minimums on the graph. If the kinetic energy is equal to zero on a graph, the particle is at rest PRS               On an energy diagram, what is the objects speed when the potential energy line  crosses the total energy line? This is not a meaningful question, you cannot move beyond the turning point of past the  total energy. Beyond this point, kinetic energy would have to be negative which is impossible
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Unformatted text preview: PRS In a two dimensional elastic collision, object 2 is stationary, and objects 1 has initial velocity along the x axis. A triangle has been drawn, representing momentum conservation. If the masses o the objects are the same, what is the angle between the two final momentum vectors? Exactly 90 degrees PRS If a particle is release from rest and moves along the x axis from 1 to zero, and the potential energy increases from zero to four during this time, describe its speed and motion Speed decreases as it moves in the negative x direction...
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