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Bipn140FinalExamKEY07 - Name_KEY Cellular Neurobiology...

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Name_______ KEY ________________ Cellular Neurobiology Biology 140 Fall 2007 FINAL EXAMINATION GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS: 1. Please write your name on ALL pages. 2. Please answer the question in the SPACE ALLOTTED. 3. For full credit, state assumptions and show calculations. 1) __________/ 10 pts Nicole 2) __________/ 20 pts Nicole 3) __________/ 15 pts Nicole 4) __________/ 25 pts Yuri 5) __________/ 20 pts Diane 6) __________/ 10 pts Diane 7)__________/ 20 pts Diane 8)__________/ 10 pts Yuri 9) __________/ 15 pts Peter 10) _________/ 15 pts Cory 11) _________/ 20 pts Cory 12) _________/ 20 pts Peter BONUS: 1) __________/ 10 pts Cory BONUS: 2) __________/ 10 pts Yuri BONUS: 3) __________/ 10 pts Peter TOTAL ___________/200 pts Bonus Total __________/30 pts COURSE GRADE ____________ WAIVER: By signing this waiver I give permission for this exam to be left for me to pick up in the vestibule by the elevator on the 3rd floor of Pacific Hall. I understand that I may only pick up my own exam. I realize that the Department of Biology and its staff cannot take responsibility for exams which may be stolen or lost from this area. If I choose not to sign this waiver, I acknowledge that my exam will only be available for pickup 1:30-2:30 p.m., Monday-Friday from 3140 Pacific Hall. ____________________________________ _______________ Name Date 1
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Name_______ KEY ________________ 1. (10 pts) (a) What is Declarative Memory? Memory that can be expressed in words. (b) How is it different from Procedural Memory with respect to brain regions required and conscious awareness? Formation of declarative memories requires a functional hippocampus, and we are conscious of them. Procedural memories can be encoded without a functional hippocampus and are generally not available to conscious perception. 2. (20 pts) Consider the developing vertebrate neuromuscular junction. (a) What are the sources, binding partners, and roles of ACh? ACh is released from motoneuron terminals into the NMJ synaptic cleft, binds to muscle AChRs, and activates them to drive muscle contraction. It also controls the number of muscle AChRs by (a) inhibiting AChR synthesis, and (b) driving AChR endocytosis. (b) What are the sources, binding partners, and roles of agrin? Agrin is released from the motoneuron terminals into the NMJ where it binds to MuSK (muscle-specific tyrosine kinase, a receptor tyr kinase) which acts in the muscle to stabilize AChRs (prevents endocytosis) by complexing them with rapsyn. 3. (15 pts) For each of the following transmitters in the brain, briefly indicate where they are made in the neuron, how (and from where) they enter the synaptic space when released, and how their actions are terminated. (a)
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Bipn140FinalExamKEY07 - Name_KEY Cellular Neurobiology...

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