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Physics 2211 Monday March 30 th , 2008 Work and Potential Energy(11.5-11.6) Potential Energy PRS How does one find the force at a point on the potential energy graph? It is the opposite value of the slope at that point, because force is the negative derivative  of potential energy PRS Two objects are thrown downward that have the same mass at the same speed. Drag causes  object A to fall at a constant rate while object B accelerates. How does the work done by weight 
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Unformatted text preview: and drag compare for the two objects? Weight is the same, because the mass and the distance are the same For drag, A has more work done on it because it reaches a terminal speed faster PRS A 10kg block slides down a plane where it strikes a spring. Where would we find the block to have tis maximum speed? At some point between that of contact with the spring and that of maximum compression....
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