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Unformatted text preview: 2050 Midterm Study Guide The midterm will cover information from assigned reading and classroom. Know the following: K Publication and internet resources for career exploration and the kind of information each contain (textbook) x Typical number of job changes experienced by U.S. workers (lectures & textbook) 3 M Donald Super's theory and developmental stages workers (lecture, handout, & textbook) The degree to which a given individual's career development is successful depends on how well that person is able to identify and implement her or his career self-concept. Growth, Exploration, Establishment, Maintenance, Disengagement (see p.79 for descriptions) M Definitions of career self concept and congruence as used by John Holland and how they relate to career workers (textbook) Congruence Match between self-concept and work environment People with similar interests often end up in the same working environment. People should obtain a career that is consistent with their interests. x Self-knowledge areas important for career decision making (lecture & textbook) Interest, Abilities, Experiences, Personality Type, Values M Personality type scales (type focus) and to what each refers workers (lecture, handout, & textbook) See Sheet @ What aptitude tests assess (textbook) What you're naturally good at. What CDM assesses (booklet) Definitions of work-related and core-life values (lecture, handout, & textbook) Work-related Value: Things about our work environment that matter a great deal to us. Core-life Values: More personal values that determine your overall career satisfaction and success. Represent the things in life that matter to you the most, the principles and beliefs that make you who your are. L The career characteristics influenced by work-related and core-life values workers (lecture, handout, & textbook) Work-related: salary, work location, benefits, stable employment, work responsibilities, opportunities involving work. Core-life: Achievement, Adventure, Church participation, education, environment, ethics, fame, availability to family @ Sources for informational interviews Someone you already know! Computerized career guidance programs available System of Interactive Guidance and Information (SIGIplus), Computerized Heuristic Occupational Information and Career Exploration System (CHOICES), DISCOVER, and Career Information System (CIS) Definition of job shadowing A hands-on exercise in which you learn about many of the day-to-day tasks and responsibilities associated with careers you're considering Definition of self-efficacy p Internal and external career-related barriers Internal Barriers: Low self-esteem, poor study skills, anxiety about making career decisions, lack of knowledge of the world at work External Barriers: Global Economic Trends, Job Availability, Job Discrimination r The sources of self efficacy and their definitions Previous Experiences: Past experiences we've had performing the task. Vicarious Learning: Learning about our own abilities to accomplish a task by watching others. Verbal Persuasion: The degree to which other people around us persuade or encourage us to accomplish a task. Physiological Arousal: How excited or anxious we get as we try to accomplish a task. h Definition of perceived barriers A barrier that you setup in your mind x The type of career decisions made during Super's exploration phase Career "dreaming". More idealistic than realistic. 2: Narrowing down possible career aspirations to a few options worthy of more detailed exploration. 3: Receiving training and/or education to seek the career you want and are best suited for. J The different types of programs in which one can obtain job training and factors to consider in choosing one Informational Interviews, Internships, Volunteer Work, Part-time jobs, Faculty Research, Clubs & Organizations p People who are helpful in selecting a major @ Super's stages of career exploration Crystallizing, specifying, and implementing a career choice r Aspects of yourself you have explored in this course ! Decision Making Strategies An individual's confidence in his or her ability to accomplish a specific task. ...
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