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movie review 3 - FILM REVIEW; Early Vietnam, Mission Murky...

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FILM REVIEW; Early Vietnam, Mission Murky By A. O. SCOTT It is a truism that nobody hates war more than soldiers. ''We Were Soldiers,'' which chronicles a bloody three-day battle between the North Vietnamese Army and the United States Seventh Cavalry in November 1965, offers ample evidence of why this should be so. Following the example set by Steven Spielberg in ''Saving Private Ryan,'' Randall Wallace, who wrote and directed this square, effective combat epic, plunges us into the horrific chaos of close-range fighting. Bullets smash faces and rip through bellies inches from the camera, whose lens is occasionally smeared with blood. When the snap of gunfire and the thump of artillery momentarily fall silent, the air is filled with the moans of the wounded. But if ''We Were Soldiers'' treats war as a nightmare, it also insists on the honor and rectitude of the men who fight it, and on portraying their loyalty to one another in an almost romantic light. In a speech to his men on the eve of their departure for Vietnam, Lt. Col. Hal Moore (Mel Gibson) tells them they are leaving home and ''going to what home was always supposed to be.'' Given what will happen -- the men, badly outnumbered, will be overrun by enemy troops and suffer heavy casualties in the course of an ill-defined and dubious mission -- this seems like an astonishing statement. What he means is that, in the heat of battle, the men will look out for one another with a simple, unquestioning, sacrificial devotion stronger than the bonds of home or family. Since the battlefield is where this movie's heart is -- and where the colonel's heart will, in
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movie review 3 - FILM REVIEW; Early Vietnam, Mission Murky...

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