Music Exam 3 Review

Music Exam 3 Review - Music Exam 3 Review People: C.P.E....

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Music Exam 3 Review People: C.P.E. Bach - Carl Philipp Emanuel -Bach’s oldest son -important pioneers in pre classical period of music J.C. Bach -Johann Christian -Bach’s youngest son -important pioneer in pre classical period of music - Franz Joseph Haydn -works for a noble family and content -considered a “skilled servant” similar to a gardener or gamekeeper - had to compose music according to what his master ordered - Haydn and Mozart became friends in Vienna, and influenced each others music - his music became very popular in Europe - traveled to London and was treated as a celebrity -returned from London rich and honored -received an honorary doctorate at Oxford - referred to as ‘Papa Haydn - wrote 104 symphonies, that were shorter in length than Mozart or Beethoven - Pioneer in the development of the symphony and the string quartet - Music is robust and direct, and radiates healthy optimism -great innovator and experimenter Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - child prodigy - wrote symphony at 8, oratorio at 11, and opera at 12 - on tour as a child - rebels against patronage, hated being a servant - became freelance musician in Vienna - success of Figaro opera led to opera company in Prague to commission Don Giovanni - died at age 36 Ludwig van Beethoven -studied with Haydn in Vienna -succeeded as a freelance composer -main instrument was the piano -great pianist and composer -writes piano sonatas and 5 piano concertos - did not write opera very often- one marginally successful opera called Fidelo
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- went deaf around age 30 Antonio Salieri - “Amadeus” movie deals with Salieri jealousy of Mozart - Scene in class where Slaieri finds out who Mozart is and becomes jealous Esterhazy Family - Haydn worked for this family - Richest and most powerful of Hungarian noble families - Had multiple palaces - Many Haydn pieces composed to be performed in palaces especially Eszterhaza - Eszterhaza contained an opera house, a theater, two concert halls, and 126 guest rooms - Made Haydn compose all music that the family requested, conduct the
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Music Exam 3 Review - Music Exam 3 Review People: C.P.E....

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