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MSIS 3223 Test 2 Review Information The test consists of 35 multiple choice questions (2.5 points each) and 1 problem worth 12.5 points. Total possible points: 100. Overall, the test is about 60% quantitative and 40% conceptual. Study the following information for the conceptual portion of the test: Ch 7: Study slides: 6-10, 12-13, 19 Ch 10: Slides 4, 6-15,18, 21 For the quantitative portion of the test, you must be able to calculate p, c, x, R. The control limit formulas associated with these values and any other relevant chapter 10 formulas (process
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Unformatted text preview: capability, run charts formulas) will be on the formula sheet. Ch 6: You will be given relevant formulas, such as cycle time, and number of workstations. Ch 7: Know how to calculate observed time, normal time, and standard time. You will be given the allowance factor formulas. The remaining formulas for this chapter will be on the formula sheet. For use with the chapter 7 and 10 problems, where appropriate, you will be given a table to find necessary z-values, similar to the table on page 330....
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