This study would provide a better idea of the

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Unformatted text preview: r’s response would indicate measures on a lot of assumptions taken and would answer a lot of questions clearly – • • • • Is the product’s being tasty actually the unique selling point for Valley Butter? Whether targeting the top economic segment was the right decision? Is the heavy marketing and consumer oriented promotional offers attracting customers to try this new product instead of their tried products such as Ahoy? Does the high quality of the product and also its packaging, actually matters to the consumer when it comes to butter, or it is just the taste that really defines their opinion? My personal way for introducing this product and the things I would do differently Planning At the first step, it is most important to be sure of the current market status, the consumer and their needs, and the competition – Knowing the Market – One of the important things to know before introducing my product is the population segmentation of Colombia. This study would provide a better idea of the...
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