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O but it is not true that only the high earning

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Unformatted text preview: population’s age, kind, per capita income, population distribution etc. Knowing the consumer - So, the first thing I would want to know is who exactly my consumer is? In the case provided, the company is just blindly targeting the high earning part of the society which could be changed if it is clear who exactly consumes butter and how do they consume it (with bread, small quantity/big quantity etc.). The competition – Also before putting all my efforts to make Valley butter taste better than Ahoy, it is important to get a consensus and to understand if taste is actually the reason Ahoy is preferred over other brands. The resources – To make the marketing and sales up to the expectation, the resources (manpower, money, etc.) need to be optimized to make the maximum out of it. Thus, information is required as to why only 10 out of 55 people should be working on the two products (Dairy Planet and Valley butter) if it is known that Planet, which is the othe...
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