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Bio Textbook Notes

Bio Textbook Notes - Textbook Notes Chapter 11 The Cell...

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Textbook Notes Chapter 11 – The Cell Cycle MITOSIS cell division that produces daughter cells genetically identical to their parent cell cytokinesis : [accompanies mitosis] division of the cytoplasm into two daughter cells supplies the cells needed for wound repair, reproduction, and growth used in asexual reproduction [offspring are genetically identical to the parent] chromosome: threadlike structures observed in dividing cells gene : a segment of DNA that contains the information for synthesizing a particular polypeptide or RNA Phases -nondividing phase = interphase -dividing phase = (M) mitotic phase ~subphases ~ prophase [replicated chromosomes are condensed into compact structures] ~ mitotic spindle pulls chromosomes into daughter cells ~ spindle fibers are microtubules that attach to the chromosomes ~ centrosomes are microtubule-organizing centers - prometaphase [the nucleolus disappears and the nuclear envelope breaks down] ~ kinetochore attaches the spindle fibers to the chromatid - metaphase [centrosomes finish migrating to the opposite poles] ~
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