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Unformatted text preview: Art Study Guide American Neo-Expressionism: Eric Fischl wants to construct a moment of intense drama. His work namely resembled the lives of the suburban middle class; the class that he belonged to growing up and the experiences and fantasies of his own discomforting youth. His aim was to reveal “how people act when they think they are alone or not observed”; the truth. Fischl’s work tends to be unsentimental, often perverse and provocative. He makes private acts public, this makes people uncomfortable and forces them to consider sexuality and sexual taboos in American life—their hidden desires and secret shame. His work, altogether is very Freudian. • Bad Boy- tells the story of a boy coming of age, stealing from his mother (stealing look at her vagina, stealing from her purse = surrogate vagina); snatch and snatching. The painting also deals with sex and $, both are American obsessions • B-Day Boy- in a hotel looking environment, a voluptuous naked woman lies on bed seemingly inviting the young naked boy, but appearing seemingly uninterested with the seduction. • The Old Man’s Boat, The Old Man’s Dog- naked people lounging on a nice boat unaware of the storm brewing in the distance. • A Visit To/ A Visit From the Island- the left panel is a group of naked white people relaxing on an island shore, while the right panel shows a group of washed up black people climbing onto the rocky shore of an island. There is a stark contrast of rich white people to poor black people. It’s as if both groups of people are absorbed by their own realities, are unaware of each other. Robert Longo • Untitled: Men in the Cities- black and white drawings. Photographed friends on the roof of buildings they twisted in an attempt to avoid tennis balls and stones hat were being thrown at them. He then made slides of the photos, projected them onto white paper, and drew them with charcoal and graphite. (photography and photorealist drawing) • Frank and Glenn- two men in business suits fighting Komar & Melamid invented “Sots Art”—an mixture of Communist propaganda “art” and American Pop Art. When they emigrated to the U.S., they began to paint in sot-realist style again, yet their art mocks the stereotypical communist dictated style. • The Origin of Sot Realism- a muse in a classical dress holds up the head of Stalin with one hand, and with the other traces its shadow on the wall Elizabeth Murray Shapes canvases into irregular units then stacked them in order to help create depth. The canvas became her art. Also, commas become an inspiration after the birth of her child. Her imagery had figurative elements. Vagina?...
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Art_Final_Study_Guide - Art Study Guide American...

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