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Introduction to Western Art Music First Homework Assignment: Triple Listening After listening to Richard Wagner’s piece “Prelude to The Valkyrie ” for the first time, I imagined two individuals running through a forest at night unaware of what they are about to find. The crescendo and decrescendo and the somewhat metrical rhythm of the string theme led me to picture such a tense scene. The instances when the theme changed (occurring around 1:00, 1:37, 2:08) seemed to signal the arrival of an unwelcome encounter with a forest creature. The intensity of the melody and arrival of the timpani sets a different mood that separates itself from that of the string theme. After reading the prose explanation and listening to the piece a second time, I was able to pick out elements I had not discovered before when listening the first time.
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Unformatted text preview: I felt as if some of the elements that I picked out the first time were elaborated on more in the description. Listening the second time made me really pay attention to the piece in more detail and not just listen to it for entertainment purposes. Listening the third time while using the listening chart was definitely a different experience from those of the first two times I listened. I was paying a lot more attention to the times at which certain changes in the piece occurred and to what changes that were present. The form markings helped me to understand the structure of the piece better also. I knew that the listening was a summation of what was discussed in the prose explanation but I still felt the need to be more attentive....
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