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DielsAlder - Let the crystals dry in the Hirsch funnel 6...

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Diels-Alder Reaction
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Objective: The goal of this experiment to synthesize the 6-end- dicarboxylic anhydride, cis-norbornene-5 from the organic compounds cyclopentadiene and maleic anhydride. Reaction Equations: Procedure: 1. Into a clean test tube, put 0.2g powdered maleic anhydride and 1.0mL of ethyl acetate. 2. Add 1.0mL ligroine to the same test tube. 3. Also, add 0.2mL dry cyclepentadiene and mix gently, observing the reaction. 4. Let the test tube cool to room temperature. Crystallization should occur. 5. Vacuum filtrate the solution.
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Unformatted text preview: Let the crystals dry in the Hirsch funnel. 6. Collect them and let then dry upon filter paper. 7. Figure the weight and calculate yield. 8. Test the melting point. Calculations: Observations: Throughout Step #2, the test tube heated up and a white precipitate formulated. Also, a distinct odor came from the solution when mixed gently. Conclusions: In conclusion, this reaction achieved percent yield and melting point of the final product . Post Lab Questions: Diels-Alder Reaction See the attached sheet....
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