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Assignment 1 - Critique of Authority and Power at Chavin de...

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Critique of Authority and Power at Chavin de Huantar by John Rick Jean Sebastien Pourcelot Firstly, Rick makes a series of interpretations over the structure of Chavin which can be very misleading and subject to different interpretations. Chavin is located in a narrow valley on the slopes of the Cordillera Blanca; its temple structure is the most distinctive feature of the area. Rick affirms that this monumental structure was built in order to impress and dominate the local landscape. However it could also be that the increasing size of the monument over the 1000 years of occupation of the site (Rick 2005: 83) was a response to population growth of the area and also an increasing in ceremonial importance. Moreover it is quite possible that some of the population resided inside the temple (Cohodas 2008), thus an expansion was required in order to fulfill the residential needs. Subsequently Rick argues that these expansions covered or “restricted” certain images from the public and only a “privileged class” was able to access these points. Rather it could be argued that during the temple’s growth these images were placed inside in order to decorate the temples walls. In many Christian churches (and other religious structures) most of the images and sculptures are found inside the structure, this does not mean that these images were restricted to a public; rather the images serve an ornamental purpose. Rick also argues that the covering of the Lanzon sculpture with the construction of galleries was made in order to restrict the access to the sculpture; however this covering could have been an
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Assignment 1 - Critique of Authority and Power at Chavin de...

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