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Final Paper - Stephen Godaire His 362 Summer Final Paper...

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Stephen Godaire His 362 – Summer 6/21/07 Final Paper The Student Movement and the New Left Takin’ it to the Streets , the powerful anthology of primary documents of the 1960s, presents many ideas and theories revolving around the student movement and the New Left. One could argue that three of these issues in particular have had an influential role in the changes brought forth during this era. First, the need for a change from an unresponsive bureaucracy, one ruled by traditional procedures, to a participatory democratic society, where those lower in the ranks, so to speak, could have a noticeable affect on the society as a whole. This is very important for the overall evolution of society. Secondly, Americans needed to bring about change in the way that the government and universities treated them, especially students, like they were nothing more than the raw materials of the sociological industry. Third, is the idea that all revolutionary movements are battles, started for and followed by, the need for ones own personal freedom. One can argue that the combination of these three controversial issues and the evidence supporting them from the primary documents as well as secondary sources are the true starting point and backbone of the student movement and the New Left in the 1960s. Mario Savio, a young American political activist and a key member in the Berkeley Free Speech Movement, talked about the bureaucracy found at the university level. He believed that it “may emerge as the greatest problem of our nation – depersonalized, unresponsive bureaucracy.” (Savio, 90) The conception that bureaucrats have is that history has come to an end and that they must proceed by standard
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procedures just as they have in the past. They believe that the university system has
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Final Paper - Stephen Godaire His 362 Summer Final Paper...

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