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Second Paper - Stephen Godaire January 14, 2008 Recent...

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Stephen Godaire Intro to Cultural Studies January 14, 2008 Terri Hasseler Recent Turmoil In Kenya Shortly after the votes were tallied in Kenya’s closest presidential race in the nation’s history, the newly reelected President, Mwai Kibaki, was accused of stealing the December 27 th election by Opposition Democratic Movement (ODM) leader Raila Odinga who said it was rigged. Kibaki was said to have won by a margin of less than 230,000 of the roughly 10 million votes cast (Gettleman). The ODM had called for a “million-man” rally in response to the questionable election results. Odinga’s accusation brought about massive rioting between the two parties throughout the nation making this one of the biggest crises in decades. After these past few weeks of turmoil, more than 700 have died with another 250,000 left homeless (AFP). Kenya has been comparatively stable compared to the rest of Africa, often referred to their model country, up until now. These riots have slowed tourism for Kenya, a 916.3 million dollar market for them in 2007. (Xinhua) Most recently, the two presidential candidates have yet to meet since the election, yet, have been urged to do so by the United Nations, United States, and a handful of other countries, who have threatened to cut aid if the government's commitment to "good governance, democracy, the rule of law and human rights weakens" (Hull). These recent events can easily be applied to the works of Roy and McChesney. One of the topics Arundhati Roy talks about is the public’s skewed illusion of their power through voting. He says that during “these democratic times, conventional political thought holds that public power is exercised through the ballot.” (Roy) But in
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Second Paper - Stephen Godaire January 14, 2008 Recent...

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