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rgst - Essay 2 outline - Essay 2 - Saudi Arabia Tuesday,...

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Essay 2 - Saudi Arabia Tuesday, February 26, 2008 12:38 PM Essay 2.1 - The “holy alliance” between the Saudi clan and religious specialists is key to understanding the emergence of Saudi Arabia and the nature of the Saudi state today. o Describe and compare the details of this alliance in the following contexts: 1) the emergence of the Saudi state in 1902-1932; 2) Saudi domestic and international politics in 1932-present. o Misc: Include at least one expert assessment of this alliance from a source on the web. Underline thesis. Goal : Describe how the religious alliance of the Wahabi religious leaders and the Saud family came to be, and track it's influence in significant events up to the present day. Thesis: The long-standing mutually beneficial relationship between the Wahabi Islamic religious authorities and the ruling family of (?) Saud enabled the creation of the Saudi Arabian state, and continues to shape significant events today. Brief intro to nature of relationship. Deeply rooted in the foundation of Saudi Arabia is 1. Lead up to the creation of the state, 1902-1932 i. Mutually beneficial relationship of mutawa, Wahabi and Saud ii. Ikhwan 1. Consolidation of the tribes a. Mutawa had set the stage by teaching the tribes religious law and to obey the ruler and pay zakat (219)
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rgst - Essay 2 outline - Essay 2 - Saudi Arabia Tuesday,...

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