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Michael Frederick A02 Energy Analysis of the Robot Problem Definition and overview of Analysis- Our robot design is one that has arms, a trap for balls, dump and wheels to move it. I will be doing the energy analysis for the wheels that help move the robot. I will be determining the amount of energy and power it takes to move this robot a certain distance d in a period of time t. The motor that I will be using is the solenoid motor for this because it has a lot of torque, which will be able to move the robot with the balls in it. Variables- Distance Robot travels: d =.12m Mass of Robot: m=10kg Time: t=2.5s Factor of Safety: FS=2 Assumptions- 1. Energy loss due to friction is negligible 2. The robot will accelerate at constant acceleration and then stay at a constant velocity. Energy and Power Analysis- The objective of this is to find roughly the amount of energy and power required to move our robot. The first part of my calculations includes a graph of time and velocity, and from the graph you can see that the robot will accelerate to a terminal velocity and
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